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Allfaaraa Live – July 23, 2014 – Alchemy & Transformation


Allfaaraa Live – The Angelic Alliance – Wednesday June 25, 2014


Allfaaraa on Walking in Energy Show w/Peter Shelton – June 22, 2014





As the Densities are changing New Opportunity Arises..We have the opportunity Now of the comming together of the Upper and the Lower In You. It will Not be Easy..

Change forces growth people The changing in the Upper forces the changing in the lower as this World will slowly Dissappear

into Itself..

Revelations, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth and there will be no more Astral  (sea)..

When asked the great one said  Movement and Repose (rest) Movement and Repose..


The Eagle has Chosen the Only Door he could Chose…There was Never a Choice.


Back to School – Part 19 – The Keys to Ascension Final Show – Allfaaraa Live – 23rd April 2014

GRADJoin Allfaaraa and the crew on Allfaaraa Live tonight for the final book show installment!  We will begin at the bottom of page 219 of the Keys to Ascension, with the “Crafty Egos” section and then move forward to cover the bestowal of Grace, World Karma Service, and finally – “You are the Transformers!”–the-keys-to-ascension–final-installment

Back to School – Part 18 – The Keys to Ascension – Allfaaraa Live – 17th April 2014

Join Allfaaraa and the crew on Allfaaraa Live tonight for the next book show installment! We will begin on page 210 of the Keys to Ascension, finishing up the “You have Been All Things” section and then move forward to cover Instant Karma, the bestowal of Grace, World Karma Service, and more!

Show Link:–part-18–the-keys-to-ascension

Back to School – Part 17 – The Keys to Ascension – Allfaaraa Live – 26th March 2014

This week’s show will be a continuation of the book shows where we go through “The Keys to Ascension: Karma, Free Will & Reincarnation” in detail to cover the teachings.

We last left off on page 182 and were about to begin the section starting with “WHY DO MASTERS STILL HAVE A VEIL IF THEY ARE NOT HERE TO WORK OFF KARMA?”

Here is the link to this week’s show:–part-17–the-keys-to-ascension

Return of the Rephaiem Part 2 – Wednesday, 19th March

Join Allfaaraa Live for Part 2 of the Rephaiem show where we will continue our discussion on these spiritual giants of old.

We will specifically discuss how they survived these past 5,000 years, in whom they resided, why they are returning at this time, and how can they affect you.

This will be the most exciting part yet!

Allfaaraa Live – Return of the Raphaiem – Wednesday 12th March

Join Allfaaraa and the rest of the crew to learn about what is happening at this time with the Return of the fabeled Raphaiem mentioned in the Bible.

The Raphaiem were born of the Nephilim, the fallen angels who followed Lucifer to Earth, who mated with human women.

Learn more about these spiritual giants and how and why they are returning at this time.

This show is not to be missed!

Show Link: